Spring Maiden imagines herself to be the happiest in the land. Not saddened to have been abandoned by her parents at a very early age, she feels lucky to have been raised in the forest by faeries who are her playmates as well as her tutors, who taught her the many ways of survival in the forest by telling her great faerie stories passed down by their elders, many including a deep respect for nature.

Following them since being lost in the spring as a young child, she not only has come to be one of them, but she helps them travel great distances as they cling to her soft, wooly golden hair. In return, they adorn her soft curls with forest flowers to groom her each day, their tiny voices like whispers in her ears as they work.

Each night she lies on a lush bed of warm green moss among the little faeries cuddled around her. As they slowly drift off to sleep under a midnight sky of twinkling stars, you may hear her humming a lilting tune if you listen carefully, although you may think it is only the wind whispering through branches in the tall trees.

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