Do not let Seraphina’s bold, showy appearance lull you into dismissing her sound judgment, keen perceptions, and passion for discernment!


She is a wise woman who does not flaunt her knowledge, confident within herself. It is that very wisdom that allows her to do her work with those less fortunate.

Her birth family was simple people with low self-esteem and little education who took pride in working for affluent families as servants and laborers during summer playtime at their ostentatious “cottages” in Maine.

Seraphina went forth into the world to make her future prepared only with these values at a very early, determined, and independent age. She did not realize the importance of a “master plan” but rather prided herself in achieving by increments the more minor victories over changing her world.

She recently returned to her home to discover that she has stepped over the threshold between naivete and knowing the secret through her experiences. She found that she has alienated herself from her family of birth, who has chosen to remain faithful to the elder family’s beliefs of dignity through servitude.

Her heart broke, discovering that she created distance from her family, yet she rejoices, having reached another level of awareness and has the insight to realize that much is yet to discover. She knows that she can visualize whatever brings her true happiness, and her determination will open doors towards achieving her goals. Obstacles cannot keep her from finding the good in her life and following where it leads. She believes nothing can get in the way of this unless she allows it.

Seraphina reviews her travel photographs to remind herself of the many exciting places, ideas, and people she has embraced in her new world, her new home, her new family of choice. She is always the first to take candid shots with her digital camera at any gathering. Many times, she enjoys sharing the ornate and embellished photo albums she creates with her new friends. The photos, laughs, and stories shared, discussions, and memories help her stay focused on her goals.

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