Curiosity is the key that unlocked many doors for Grand Mother Wisdom. Although her aura may suggest that she has always been a sage and wise mentor, she remembers the days when innate curiosity was the driving force that helped her earn her present status. She spent much time listening to her inner voices while observing and testing the advice of her elders, aging, and sage-ing.

As a young maiden, Grand Mother utilized her own curiosity for lifting the heavy burden of victimization in which she was taught to believe. Now her belief is that every maiden must listen intently to her elders, and using the tools of curiosity, emerge with an original idea belonging exclusively to self. The pride in the journey of discovery unraveling your own mystery is the reward of wisdom.


She firmly believes her purpose is to offer the idea that curiosity flows into knowledge, resulting in power. Interest, wisdom, power, yes, that’s it! Her utmost hope is that curious young maidens everywhere will open their eyes wide and “hear” this most vital message, although she knows no one can hand down the message to another. One must embark on the quest for knowledge, the key or the exclusive secret to one’s own wisdom.

Grand Mother likes to keep a low profile observing more than dictating her own message. It is not her method to press but rather impress upon young maidens that solitude and privacy can be most beneficial if they “hear” their innermost selves. Grand Mother would prefer her message seem to come from within, knowing that the message will be far more vital, longer-lasting, and immensely more empowering if perceived in that way.

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