A-dah has poise and an essence of truth about her. Her aura is distinct and clear to those who choose to see. She is always present but there are many that refuse to accept her for what she represents. Her intent is crisp and uncomplicated, yet her training has been an intense and unending journey. She listens to your inner voice and responds with you, reacting to old ideas and exploring the new with wide eyes. A-dah especially understands the circle of life, embellishing her notes and letters to friends, and is always attracted to life circles in wearables and jewelry.

Her open mind allows her to speak precious words of wisdom thru golden lips. Following each visit with the Goddess, a sense of peace overrides all other thoughts, one emerges with a new and exciting perspective of all previously held truths.

Unencumbered by the strength of your beliefs, her seemingly spontaneous ideas are quite the opposite. Her method is one of patience and attentive concern. One can see in her eyes that she is processing your words and thoughts with careful consideration. The exquisite presentation of a completely new perspective in your own words, spoken through your own golden lips is almost always a delightful surprise.

She delicately prompts you to touch and explore the thoughts you previously held as most private, never before daring to share with anyone but the most precious of connections.

The Goddess is most delighted when she has succeeded in her task of drawing you closer to your new and uncomplicated truths.

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