EVA has an innate curiosity most of us would not begin to understand. She is a simple, innocent woman. One might consider her the first Dr. Doolittle as she claims to even have spoken to a serpent.

She and her companion live an isolated life but Eva does not find herself bored or longing for company as she loves and respects her lush gardens, what they have to offer. Her little family feels safe as the mountains surrounding their gardens appear as if gates simply sprang up there to protect the lush orchard with all its’ trees full of delicious fruits and other exotic perfections.


MADA seems equally happy to teach their three boys not to argue and takes great pride in bringing them out on hunting & fishing adventures to hone their skills. They are brave and confident boys who seem to have no fear.

Her daily trips to the place where the crystal-clear rivers meet are always exciting. When Eva is not partaking of the succulent fruits from the orchard, she is happy to explore her surroundings, one day much to her delight discovering an underground river. Often, she can be found singing simply to the purest blue sky above. She feels a communion with Mother Nature.

Eva feels a sense of pride to believe she rules over the fish in the sea and the birds in the air as well as every living creature that moves on the ground. What a wonderful existence to live in such a place where bliss and happiness prevail over sadness and evil, where there is no hunger or thirst, no loneliness or hatred, a land where everything she needs is in its’ place before her! She is not concerned about possessing gold, onyx or other riches but rather more concentrated on learning as much as she can about her paradise and making sure it stays pristine and protected for those who come to live there after she is gone.

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