JUNE 2, 2023 – FRIDAY 89* AT 2:30 PM by T. Blen Parker

Bright crimson, coral & sunny yellow tulips emerge

amidst purple crocus, yellow daffodils, and showy white narcissus.

Lemony blossoms plant buttery little kisses covering

the forsythia bush, tall and full.

Raspberry pink bleeding hearts wilt in the hot sun.

Lilacs bloom white and light purple until turning toasty brown.

Iris bloom into grape or yellow bearded flags.

Fiery poppies pop out with toasted edges from the hot spring sun.

Allium wave their spiny orbs in the wind.

Lemon lilies emerge from a bed of lilies of the valley,

scenting air sweetly, brightening up the peace garden.

Anticipating lupine blossoms, sometimes Easter lilies turned red in nitrogen-rich compost…..

always left wondering what color they will be

if only Mr. Woodchuck will allow them.

Happiness representatives appear as Johnny Jump Ups appear.

Coils of ferns open to wave in the breeze, stirring Solomon Seal to wag

their delicate white bellflowers, as maple trees release fairy wings

to helicopter down like soft raindrops, covering the first spears of

deep green grass emerging from the brown winter floor

where cheery buttercups glow hello.

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