Justin Richel – Artist – “ENDLESS COLUMN”


Sipping gingerly from each

heated receptacle, filled from

a stately teapot, shallow cups

formed of ashes and dust

spill family secrets,

personal mysteries, and

individual sufferings shared

during quiet moments.

Tempered by the accompaniment

of sweet treats, skillfully prepared

by patient hands, following vintage

recipes holding their own hidden

family histories baked inside. The

sacred cups appear static and silent.

Oh lovely teacup totem,

a shining beauty standing

proud and tall, on exhibition today,

gleaming in the sunlight,

vibrating, calling to me…

a woman fixated with wonder.

Please speak to us of the secrets

of heat and desire, grief and loss,

family celebrations, and of

the peaceful moments shared

over steaming cups of centuries,

all-inclusive peoples young & old,

consumers and lovers of

soothing exotic brews.

Centuries of proper afternoon teas

pass as the brew is sipped

from cups delicately made of china,

fine porcelain, or simple clay

pottery, sedately reveal stories

to those quieting themselves

enough to feel the vibration

distilling the historic memories

left by tender hands long ago.

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