Wall masks are first designed using a warm cellulose/self-hardening clay mixture, working resolutely when the clay hardens as it cools. Masks are then hand painted with acrylic paints to highlight facial features. Finally, masks receive a “personality profile” written by the artist, sometimes quite flamboyant! When people inquire where she finds her inspirations, Terri tells them that the facial features and personality details are derived from people she has encountered mixed with schizophrenic elements of herself. Enjoy the fantasies!

THREE COLLECTIONS of mask styles:








Awakening from sleep on a bed of seaweed framed by multi-colored fluorescent coral at the bottom of the sea, Mermaid Mistress flexes her svelte body, opens her sparkling eyes and delights in witnessing a school of tiny fish shimmering over her head like swallows swooping through the sky above. At her side, electric eels illuminate her surroundings like a glowing night light, casting velvety shadows on the ocean’s floor.

Her dolphin companions eagerly wait for her to join them for a day of discovering the mystery of their domain. What exhilaration to be racing, dipping, and diving weightlessly throughout the many underwater caves and sunken treasures. She swiftly slips through the water, lustrous hair flowing around her, silken curls trailing behind like a trail of shooting stars.

She remembers how fortunate she is to sit at the hand of King Neptune, lavished with his many precious pearly jewels of the dark and mysterious sea. Following her morning of swim aerobics, the Mermaid Mistress affords herself on a lush carpet of green moss, a spot in the golden sun at the surface on a warm rock still slippery from high tide.

Flipping her feathery tailfin at an approaching wave, an iridescent rainbow glows over her as her eyes follow the tiny ripples emanating on the surface of the water surrounding her. The Mistress takes in her first full breath of salty air, a sensual smile crossing her lips knowing she is privileged to enjoy the best of both worlds if for only a few fleeting moments, doubting others take even a moment of this type of reflection in their above-sea-level world.

The Mermaid Mistress was born of many long, wonderfully sunny, storytelling walks along the shore of the beaches of Maine, Texas and Wisconsin where my daughter and I have lived. Her invention of using beach botanicals to make “faerie brooms” has been a tradition to this day.


A-dah has poise and an essence of truth about her. Her aura is distinct and clear to those who choose to see. She is always present but there are many that refuse to accept her for what she represents. Her intent is crisp and uncomplicated, yet her training has been an intense and unending journey. She listens to your inner voice and responds with you, reacting to old ideas and exploring the new with wide eyes.

Her open mind allows her to speak precious words of wisdom thru golden lips. Following each visit with the Goddess, a sense of peace overrides all other thoughts, one emerges with a new and exciting perspective of all previously held truths. The Goddess finds the circle of life an exquisite design, choosing jewelry and clothing with unending circle designs to enhance her beauty and discreetly remind her of her inner strength.


Unencumbered by the strength of your beliefs, her seemingly spontaneous ideas are quite the opposite. Her method is one of patience and attentive concern. One can see in her eyes that she is processing your words and thoughts with careful consideration. The exquisite presentation of a completely new perspective in your own words, spoken through your own golden lips is almost always a delightful surprise.

She delicately prompts you to touch and explore the thoughts you previously held as most private, never before daring to share with anyone but the most precious of connections.

The Goddess is most delighted when she has succeeded in her task of drawing you closer to your new and uncomplicated truths.


Eva has an innate curiosity most of us would not begin to understand. She is a simple, innocent woman. One might consider her the first Dr. Doolittle, as she claims to even have spoken to a serpent.


She and her companion live an isolated life but Eva does not find herself bored or longing for company as she loves and respects her lush gardens and what they have to offer. Her little family feels safe as the mountains surrounding their gardens appear as if gates simply sprang up there to protect the lush orchard with all its’ trees full of delicious fruits and other exotic perfections. She has an intense respect for Mother Nature, protecting as much as she can, savoring it, preserving everything for those who come after she is gone.

Mada seems equally happy to teach their three boys not to argue and takes great pride in bringing them out on hunting & fishing adventures to hone their skills. They are brave and confident boys who seem to have no fear.

Her daily trips to the place where the crystal-clear rivers meet are always exciting. When Eva is not partaking of the succulent fruits from the orchard, she is happy to explore her surroundings, one day much to her delight, discovering an underground river. Often, she can be found singing simply to the purest blue sky above.

Eva feels a sense of pride to believe she rules over the fish in the sea and the birds in the air as well as every living creature that moves on the ground. What a wonderful existence to live in such a place where bliss & happiness prevails over sadness and evil, where there is no hunger or thirst, no loneliness or hatred, a land where everything she needs is in its’ place before her! She is not concerned about possessing gold, onyx or other riches but rather more concentrated on learning as much as she can about her paradise and making sure it stays pristine and protected.



Almira Almeda was a proud woman with a strong jaw. She would look you directly in the eye with her well-honed confidence and ever-so-slight smile on her lips. Almira Almeda remembered working as a shy child raking blueberries to fill plastic tubs in the hot, dusty fields at the very top of the hill until her arms ached, and her back was red with sunburn. She knew then that it would take many years of hard work to save enough money to buy the parcel for her own, but still she woke up each morning dreaming of that day.

Within her tattered, crumbling journal, Almira Almeda remembered her grandfather’s huge weather beaten hand enclosing hers, tiny, smooth and pink, as they earlier walked through the same blueberry fields when she was only 8 or 9 years old, him talking about wanting to own property on the hilltop. She thought about the gleam in grandfather’s eye as they soaked in the breathtaking sight on a clear blue-sky sunny day. She remembered as a teenager, slowly straightening up from what seemed endless hours of blueberry raking and dry lips, to see the snow capped purplish mountains far on the western horizon. Local people enjoyed riding their horses to the top field just to see that spectacular 360° view for miles around.

Almira Almeda silently vowed to herself early-on that she would someday own the top fields grandfather coveted, where she had raked blueberries with a crew of other Dresden and Pittston high school kids during her early years. It was her girlhood dream to someday make the announcement there would be a grand log house raised on her land where she could gaze endlessly out her parlor window to see that very special view overlooking the Eastern River. She often escaped her siblings; another well-worn book and her journal with then mostly empty pages in the crook of her arm as she hiked to her hiding spot, a huge boulder warmed by the sun, which she hid behind to read or write in her own private world for hours in the fresh air under the soaring eagles.

When Almira Almeda was 23, she married 25-year-old Zina Blinn from Dresden in a happy mid-August ceremony at her family home in Pittston (near the peak of Blinn Hill) with all 16 of her siblings and his 10 brothers and sisters surrounding them, quite a crowded house that day. Baby Alice came along within the first year of their marriage. By the time their second child, Effie Jennette was born in 1861, Almira Almeda had begun to hold well-attended Suffragette meetings at their modest home. Other strong women were attracted to what she had to say and impressed by her beliefs, her ability to draw interesting speakers to fan the flames of passionate local women for the cause.

The East Coast was a hotbed for the women’s movement in the United States during the mid-1800s, when Almira Almeda Kincaid Moody, Blinn lived in Maine. During the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, female leaders gathered for what would be remembered as the birth of the women’s suffrage movement.

Almira Almeda’s passion became the origin of her being known as a driven woman, a social organizer of local women, and their strong political values. She learned confidence from the value of hard work as a young girl from a large, demanding family. As a young married woman, she not only continued to hold meetings and tend to her husband and little family, also birthing twin girls she and Zina named Helen Grace and Grace Hannah in 1874. She was notorious for having taken extraordinary social risks for her time in addition to tending to the demanding schedule of housekeeping, gardening and mothering, providing inspiration, rewarding to her and many others in her town. She was also known to have made the best blueberry jam in the area!

Almira Almeda indeed finally achieved the breathtaking view of the mountains as owner of Blinn Hill property. She met the challenges, disciplined herself to stick with the hard work, invested her hard-earned money, and at last reaped her reward. She was truly “Blinn Hill Baronness” in the huge estate at the very top of Blinn’s “blueberry hill.” You can visit her and Zina’s gravesites in the Pine Grove Cemetery; halfway along the road to the peak of Blinn Hill, nestled in with scores of other Blinn’s, now spelled Blen after cousin Owen changed the spelling of their name later, due to a family tragedy.

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