We currently live in a world where the FBI is disrespected, disparaged by a past president in public, and humiliated on the world stage. World-leading scientists and physicians who specialize in contagious diseases are discouraged. The shaming and blaming from a previous president needs to stop. The behavior is a severe presentation of who Americans are not. Does anyone study history? Can we relate past experiences to the present and learn from mistakes?


you can cast aside the children and number of people in general in the USA alone who have been killed by people with firearms,
can discount the Holocaust, Spanish flu of 1918, Civil War,
and can ignore many other significant historical events, we can stick our heads in the sand until we have ultimately killed off all life on the planet. Lately, it appears this plan is a much easier solution, not requiring any action at all on anyone’s part, without guilt or violence against our fellow man.

I am confused. That very same past president is still allowed hours and hours of free airtime on television stations to promote his well-crafted lies about what a loving crowd of tourists assembled for an insurrection on January 6, 2021. What method do the rest of the rational world citizens have to bring the facts into the light and the world’s citizens? Thankful for the Lincoln Project and their innovative ways of producing sound ideas for us to think about, coupled with facts, laws, constitutional references, educating via historical events, and scientific reports. We need patriotic citizens to express their love of America and willing to work to improve life for everyone before the rapidly dying planet implodes, rather than devise ways to divide us. We all share the same planet. These tenets were subjects I first remember being concerned about long ago, yet it seems the crickets I heard are still sounding off but the downslide has obviously taken a crash course since then.

The solution will not be by having constructive conversations with your friends and family who disagree with you! The hostile arguments remind me of flying monkeys (who have NOT attended college or become self-aware of current world events) ready to attack. Someone shared with me the other day that “We do not watch the nightly news. It is way too depressing, and I am sick of hearing that I should receive a vaccination that may cause side effects.” An elderly man I admire said, “You aren’t even watching the RIGHT news channel!” I would not dare to issue that directive to anyone that I know casually. Even close friendships don’t feel my wrath, even though I am a straightforward woman. There are various ways we can present our opinions, and some do not need to be shared! I learned that valuable lesson effectively and at an early age. I was encouraged to find common ground whenever put in a position of sharing my ideas, rather than pick at the differences, attempting to change someone else’s convictions. Now, at this point, I need to disclose that I grew up as a voracious reader, homeschooled for a great time with grandparents on a tiny freshwater island in Maine. I lived and worked in five other states as an adult, returning to Maine to be close to my daughter and that special island.

I wonder where these people who feel entitled to share their private opinions freely were brought up, what they have learned as adults, what would make them fearful of science or democracy, and why they feel entitled to issuing warnings to people with whom they are unfamiliar?

How can we return to a moralistic society? Where are the actual devout conservatives? In the church (pick any one you like), it is taught to be “kind to your neighbor.” We learned as children to share and listen and behave in public. I learned to respect firearms and use them only when necessary to kill a threatening bear, wild pig, or other animal encroaching to harm. I would use a gun if I owned one to obliterate the woodchucks that eat my vegetable garden every year. I was shot while driving through the woods in Maine one non-hunting-season Sunday afternoon, so yes, I do have something in “that game.” I also respect gun owners who use targets and have invested serious money in locating special guns for their collections. I do not appreciate out of control people who, in anger, devise plans to obsessively take the lives of many children attending school (to learn about how to behave in the adult world), or blow away adults at a lazy Sunday afternoon concert (and you all know the many other examples I am speaking of).

Americans no longer enjoy the fair amount of respect we once had in the world. Why is that, do you suppose? Why do we no longer find compromising a challenge? It seems there were several older white males who have perpetuated lies, become resistant to compromise, and who have more power than the Constitution that men designed for the governance of ALL AMERICANS for all time. If we look at the United States of America, we now see regions cut off from those rights, especially when it comes to voting and elections. Rather than in the land where my grandparents were born, I chose America. Yes, my family were immigrants. America is proud to claim we are the land of the free and brave.

At my high school graduation, the theme song was “This Land is Your Land; This Land is My Land.” I don’t see that land anymore, despite my recent ophthalmic exam.