7 Tips About Writing A Book

Noooooo, marketing NEVER ends‼️

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Do you plan being an author? If you do, then you could probably use a tip or two about the whole process of writing and publishing a book.

To give you full disclosure, until now, I never wrote a book. However, I was part of the end-to-end process. Also, I did some research for you and I found this video with tips about writing a book, so I collected them and I’m adding my insights as well.

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Wisdom Of Writers: The Hardest Part

Having published book one of the Swan Island in the Kennebec historical trilogy has me understanding this concept in a way I never imagined as I begin to work on book 2‼️

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What is the hardest part when it comes to writing? I would say that starting it is the hardest, but when it comes to writing novels, Ernest Hemingway has a different opinion.

I guess this is because if you do it right, you get to love it, therefore this quote makes sense.

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3 Ways To Create An Attractive Introduction

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An introduction creates the first impression. Any introduction. It’s either if you write your post title introduction, or you write the introduction of your book, or even if you go to a random store and you buy bread.

Everyone that gets in contact with you for the first time will have an opinion about you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that it is the correct one. But if you want it to be as accurate as possible, you need to be there and pay attention to it.

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Advices From George R.R. Martin

Anyways, here are his 10 “rules for success”:

  1. Aim high;
  2. Want it bad enough;
  3. Love what you do;
  4. Keep things interesting;
  5. Express your beliefs;
  6. Follow your gut;
  7. Be a good storyteller;
  8. Do your research;
  9. Engage emotionally;
  10. Do the unexpected.

Writing about...Writing

This magnificent guy is my next favorite writer (after Neil Gaiman, of course).

I always look up to these guys because they do their “job”, but they never seem to do it for money. They do it because they need to. And that’s one of the characteristics of a real writer, don’t you think?

Also, I love his voice. It’s like a Gandalf smoking 10 pipes at once.

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