by umair haque

I’m Tired of Being Polite to Toxic, Dumb Bastards — And You Should Be, Too

From War to Climate Change, None of This Is OK — So Why Do We Pretend It Is?

Well, take a hard look at the world out there. Right about now, I can sum it up for you like this: it’s the dumb bastards versus the rest of us. This is a frightful, horrid decade. We have a choice of apocalyptic futures ahead, like some kind of buffet cooked up by the devil and Ed Sheeran in hell. Would you like climate change and ecological collapse? Not tasty enough? Let’s add a side of World War!!

Ah, still hungry, good sir? Why not try a dash of fascism on top? I see you’re a tough customer. Let’s add mass extinction of life on earth for an especially outrageous dessert. Please leave us a nice review on Yelp!!

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