Some People Just Shouldn’t Have Kids – by B Kean

No matter how you protect your child, there are losers like Ethan Crumbley’s parents who can undo it all in seconds

When I was 15, the last thing I would have wanted was a gun. Rife with emotions, often ones that I barely had a handle on, euphoria and anger were always just two peas in the pod called the teenage boy’s undeveloped frontal lobe.

If you look at the mug shot of Ethan Crumbley, you can sense a teen angst in his eyes — a darkness even. Granted it is a photo that was made after he slaughtered four of his fellow students and so maybe I am reading a bit into his eeriness.

Jump ahead to the photo of his parents, Jennifer and James, and you see two faces that clearly refuse to mask, love Trump, hate immigrants and think guns are as normal in society as toasters. Again, it might be my emotions against guns that are turning the photo of these two into such dastardly creatures. Nevertheless, take a peek and I think you will agree that I am probably more right than wrong.

On Monday, three days after Ethan received the handgun, a teacher saw him searching for ammunition while on his phone at school, according to police. The school called the Crumbley household and told them about it.

According to police, Jennifer responded by texting Ethan, “LOL. I’m not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught (Cops Catch Crumbleys).”

“LOL.” Haha, that’s a good one, my little angel. Where and how can a 15-year-old in possession of such an efficient killing machine like a SIG 9 Sauer get a LOL from his mother after being observed shopping for bullets?

Tuesday — the Day of the Shooting
Just hours before the shooting, the killer was seen “doodling” in class.

Ethan returned to school Tuesday, when a teacher noticed a disturbing sheet of paper on Ethan’s desk, according to prosecutors. They said the paper contained: a gun, a pool of blood, a person who appeared to be shot, the words “Blood everywhere” above a bullet, a laughing emoji and three short phrases: “The thoughts won’t stop. Help me,” “My life is useless” and “The world is dead (Cops Catch Crumbleys).”

Normal teens don’t write things like that. There were obviously warning signs but, these “good” parents were more intent on getting little Ethan that gun. I will again say that they were also probably doubtful of the 2020 election results. How many parents around America, pulled into the diseased rhetoric of Trump and the right, aren’t catching such warning signs? How many think they are helping their child by arming them at such early ages?

Nevertheless, this is common practice in our country. Americans are so brainwashed about the right to arm themselves that they can never see anything wrong with the death and sorrow wrought by the reckless and ubiquitous gun ownership.

While researching the Crumbleys, I came across an article out of Jacksonville, Florida. The Crumbleys are originally from there. The parents have records for check fraud and both were arrested on the same day for DUI. While that behavior does not guarantee that they were bad parents, we have all made mistakes, their lack of attentiveness in combination with the purchase of such a deadly weapon, makes them vile — in my book at least.

If you look at the comments section on the link to the Jacksonville article above, you don’t really see people heartbroken over the slaughter of the four teens, rather you see zombified, gun-freaks defending weapons.

Almost immediately after seeing the very shocking drawings, the school summoned the parents for a conference.

School officials quickly called a meeting with Ethan and his parents. According to prosecutors, Jennifer and James were dismissive of concerns at that meeting, even though they were asked to get Ethan counseling within 48 hours. They reportedly insisted that he be allowed to go back to class.
Three hours later, Ethan pulled the gun and began shooting classmates. Police said the shooting was methodical (Cops Caught Crumbleys).

The local community is going to be asking this question: How was Ethan permitted to return to class after being caught two days in a row displaying such behavior? Oxford, Michigan now takes it place in the book of so many other communities where our national insanity — our refusal to take responsibility — results in our nation’s future being so viciously wiped out.

After the first reports of a school shooting spread, Jennifer texted her son, “Ethan don’t do it,” according to police. But it was too late. James Crumbley reported the weapon missing 15 minutes later, having left it in an unlocked drawer (Cops Catch Crumbleys)

What a great mom! Such stellar parenting. We should all be proud.

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