Decorative wall mask by T. Blen Parker

Goddess of Winter wall mask

On crisp cold mornings, just before dawn, you might spy the Goddess rapidly working her magic brush over the edges of windowpanes, along the bushy banks of a bubbling stream tumbling with ice crystals or on the spiny tips of the naked branches of winter. She seems driven to leave exquisite patterns of breathtaking and unmistakable beauty on all she touches. If you are an early riser adept with a steady hand and good camera, you may capture the essence of her unique work just before the sun rises to veil the earth in a full rosy glow.

Before the brightest sunlight rises to highlight her frosty artwork, she retires, exhausted from dancing in the moonlight. She falls into a deep sleep where she dreams she has become part of the landscape, deep within a puffy blanket of snow.

Only the creator of such a precious art fantasy could sleep after creating such a tedious project, knowing her fragile and priceless work would sparkle and melt in the first rays of dawn. The knowledge does not deter her from recreating yet another intricate spectacle with the next morning light, just before the flash of dawn illuminates her earth-born gallery.

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