by T. Blen Parker

Just a simple question today: “Under what Constitution do the Congressional members receive death threats for doing the job their voters sent them to the Capital of America to do?”

In 2021 AMERICA, the very same country that is allowing a PREVIOUS PRESIDENT to believe he is still President of the USA. After numerous RECOUNTS done by various organizations driven by the previous President who continues to claim that VOTING was corrupt. If this were not so potentially violent and criminal, it would be hilarious and a cartoon would be created to demonstrate the ridiculousness of it all.

People, please pay attention. The clock is ticking. Does anyone want to stand up and defend democracy rather than give false narratives and dangerous fantastical outright lies? Do we REALLY want to allow teenagers to travel from state to state with long guns with the intent of spending all the rounds of ammo they traveled with to kill someone?


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