by T. Blen Parker

Early this morning while enjoying a cup of hot tea, I, unfortunately, turned my television on to the Way Too Early show when they were showing Kyle Rittenhouse’s dramatic blubbering act before a courtroom where his mother appeared to be weeping with her head down.

I would like all interested parties to substitute a black male of the same age, traveling from one state to another with a long gun. What outcome would we EXPECT from this act? CERTAINLY a very different one. Is this where we have come to in America? Does ANYONE else see that something is “off” here?

The next story on the show was regarding the phone call that Representative Fred Upton, who recently voted to pass the Biden Infrastructure Plan. He was called disgusting names and told that he is a TRAITOR and should be killed along with all of his family members.

REALLY? Are we being serious here? This is NOW acceptable behavior?

A full year plus a few days have passed since America held a political election for President of the USA. Joe Biden won, according to numerous RECOUNTS of the ballots, by several different organizations, and yet journalists and television anchors continue to report that Donald J. Trump IS STILL THE LEADER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! And Liz Cheney was demoted, stripped of HER committee assignments? ONE of the only rational representatives of the Republican party has been shunned by other ELECTED officials in her peer group. Because she rejected the flying monkey antics of the previous president? Has anyone noticed what his behavior has been like, say for example, since he was a teenager?

Some people consider Joe Biden a “creepy guy.” What would those same people say about a guy who stated publicly that you can “grab em by the pussy” as long as you have enough money to impress them. That very same guy who was proud to announce that he walked freely through beauty queens dressing rooms while they were naked and dressing for the stage. That very same guy who paid off a woman who fell in love with him, considered to be a “porn star.”

I know I stood up for Roe vs. Wade when in high school and now even that right for women is in jeopardy after reading about women so desperate to end their pregnancies that a coat hanger abortion in some nasty alley killed them. What makes this year any different than the last 50? Who will raise these babies that the mothers are being robbed of the opportunity NOT to bring an unwanted child into the world? You may believe that life is sacred, but in Maine unwanted children are being beaten and overdosed with dangerous drugs. What about them? Do not just shake your head and go about your wonderful day after reading this.

Consider the TRUTH. Remember what your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. have taught you about public behavior. Respect each other and strive to come to an agreement on how this country will behave going forward.


ALL LIVES MATTER, and when a teenager (underage) travels to another state with a long gun, what purpose do you believe he had in doing so? My hunch is that he was pumped up by violent social media postings and being an arrogant little shit decided he could pick off some people and appear on television for his heroic feat. THE TRUTH seems obvious and his false drama in the courtroom did not convince me at all, there were not even any TEARS falling from his blubbering act! IF he wanted to protect himself, perhaps he should have stayed in his own state, NOT picked up a long gun OR drive to another state with the obvious intention of involving himself in a violent protest at the very least!

I reiterate, ALL LIVES MATTER, even Kyle Rittenhouse is included in that group. I wonder if HE FEELS the same?

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