by karl marx junior

How the former president has shamelessly exploited the greatest terrorist attack on American soil to promote his image

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of September 11th, I want to reflect on the comments made by our disgraced, twice impeached ex-president. While the Twin Towers were coming down, Trump was calling into several tabloid newspapers, saying Trump Tower was now the tallest building in midtown Manhattan. Not only is it disgusting that he used the most horrific terrorist attack in United States history as a way to promote himself and get free publicity at the expense of 3000 dead Americans, it’s also a lie: the building on 70 Pine Street was taller by 25 feet.

Trump once falsely claimed that thousands of Muslims were cheering in the streets, and at the time, he called for a complete ban on all Muslims (an Islamophobic trend he would continue into his presidency by enacting the infamous “Muslim Travel Ban”). He also said he witnessed people jumping from the World Trade Center, despite the fact that he was in Trump Tower at the time, which is miles away and out of eyesight.

He has baselessly claimed that he helped to move rubble at the scene of the attack, and said he spent “a lot of time” at Ground Zero and went there with “men who worked [for him] to try to help in any little way [they] could.” There is no record or evidence to support Trump’s claims, and it is just another complete and utter lie to promote his image and get more free publicity at the expense of thousands of dead Americans.


Trump even tried to profit off the attacks, receiving $150,000 in federal aid and claiming the money was intended for people affected by the event to use his building. He was later forced to give back the money, when it was discovered he used none of the funds to help anyone affected by 9/11. Years later, during Trump’s presidency, his administration infamously withheld $4 million in aid from a program that covers medical care for sick and injured 9/11 first responders. And, of course, on numerous occasions, Republican lawmakers shamefully tried to deny healthcare funds to the surviving victims of the terrorist attack, and Jon Stewart, yes the comedian, had to go before Congress to humiliate them into passing legislation.

Trump claimed he donated “millions of dollars” to 9/11 charities, but after repeating the lie for over a decade and a half, he finally donated $100,000 one time in April 2016 to combat Ted Cruz accusing him of holding “New York values.” Even while defending himself against Cruz, he lied again, saying he witnessed the towers coming down; he did not. Trump also alleged he warned that Osama Bin Laden would target the Twin Towers two years before it happened, which is completely preposterous.

And finally, maybe the most egregious lie, Trump falsely claimed he lost “hundreds of friends,” yet no person has ever corroborated that he even showed up to a single funeral — don’t forget this same man was at the movie theaters when his own brother, Fred Trump Jr., was on his deathbed. Over 300 members of the New York Fire Department died, and the funerals were held only one block from Trump Tower, and he never attended a single one.

He has lied about having lost friends, stolen funds meant to go to 9/11 first responders and victims, and told lie after lie to promote his image — all easily proved a total F’ing lie with a simple fact check.

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