Kyrsten Sinema is Teaching a Class…About Fundraising. I mean, who else?

by Lauren Elizabeth

I cannot wait for the day where I no longer have to read or write about Kyrsten Sinema. It’ll be nice to have a news cycle where her obstructionism and embarrassing stunts aren’t catching the attention she so clearly craves, but considering she has placed herself at the heart of American politics it feels irresponsible not to address what she’s up to. That said, a recent interesting scoop picked up by Ken Klippenstein with The Intercept certainly caught my attention.

Klippenstein writes:
“All students hope to learn from the top experts in their field. Graduate students at Arizona State University have an unusual opportunity this fall to do just that, where Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., is teaching a course on getting rich people to give you money.

The course, titled “Developing Grants and Fundraising,” is one of two classes Sinema is teaching this fall at Arizona State University’s School of Social Work. The syllabus, which was obtained by The Intercept, says students will “learn diverse fundraising strategies” for nonprofits as well as “how to cultivate donors,” including “large individual donors,” by leveraging resources like “opportunistic fundraising,” “finding supporters for major fundraising events” — and, well, “asking for money.”…”

Well, if nothing else, Sinema will certainly be able to offer some firsthand insight, won’t she? After all, didn’t she just collect $750,000 from the pharmaceutical industry after opposing legislation that would allow medicare and medicaid to negotiate drug prices? And of course, how can we forget when she jetted back home to Arizona to meet with donors in the middle of critical negotiations over the most important legislation Democrats will pass this year?

Sinema’s entire Senate career has focused around this one goal so who else would be better to train and teach a next generation of future political hopefuls, who have no issue whatsoever with taking high dollar donations that are nothing more than a bribe? She genuinely views herself as a master of her field. Why else would she be teaching a class on the subject? Of course, it’s also a clear indication that she has absolutely no moral qualms for betraying her base the way that she did. She is proud of herself. Proud enough to be teaching graduate students her tactics.

The state of American politics is truly embarrassing.

Sinema might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is smart enough to know that she is probably not going to make it through the democratic primary when she’s up for re-election in 2024. But, why would she care when fundraising and networking was the main goal? Money talks, and she knows it. As I’ve said now countless times before, she never intended to legislate on behalf of her constituents. It was all about money and power, making sure to put herself in the best position to get the lucrative lobbying position she always wanted.

One can only hope that her students

see right through her.

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