They need consequences, not sympathy.
Jessica Wildfire

It was an “accident.”
He wasn’t trying to hit them.
He was just trying to “roll coal,” slang for blowing poisonous smoke in their face. They were in the way. He hated them.
They were asking for it.
He didn’t mean to plow his monster truck into those cyclists, sending several of them to the hospital. Two had to be airlifted.
When he realized what he’d done, his first thought wasn’t, “Are they okay?” It wasn’t, “Should I call an ambulance?”
It was, “Am I going to jail?”
As it turns out, no. He didn’t go to jail, not even for the afternoon to sit and think about his life choices. His parents showed up to defend him. The police decided to let him drive home. Yes, in the very same truck he used to nearly kill half a dozen people. He’s probably out driving around right now. There’s absolutely nothing to stop him. Maybe you’re saying, “I’m sure he won’t do it again. He learned a very valuable lesson.”
Yeah, he learned something all right.
You can run over people.
Moderates are engaging in appeasement.
This “accident” illustrates so much about America.
You couldn’t find a better metaphor to describe what’s going on lately. Think about it. We’ve got a bunch of covidiots running around right now blowing their own virus smoke everywhere. The only difference is that their exhaust is invisible, and much more deadly. They don’t exactly mean to kill or injure anyone, but they’re doing it anyway.
Nothing happens to them.
Now a growing number of “moderates” want to blame the victims. They accuse us of “dividing the nation” with our calls for vaccine and mask mandates. They shame us for trying to hold them accountable. Meanwhile they call us “fanatics,” and “totalitarians.”
Gee, thanks.
We only spent the last two years taking care of your sick friends and loved ones, teaching your kids, delivering your Amazon packages, bringing you groceries, fixing your appliances, and leaving you food in little takeout containers on your front porch.
But please, tell us we’re ruining the country.
These “moderates” pretend to be objective. In reality, they’re promoting appeasement. They want to give anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers permission to do whatever they want.
We’ve seen how appeasement turns out.
When you appease the kind of people who blow their exhaust everywhere, you don’t stitch up division. You embolden reckless, aggressive behavior. You teach everyone the wrong lesson. You’re not helping anyone. You’re allowing one group to oppress another.
They call this freedom.
It’s the opposite.
Moderates don’t grasp the true risks here.
Time and again, we say this:
Death isn’t the only thing to worry about with covid.
You can develop long covid. It hits over a third of patients, and it’s turning out to be a much bigger problem than doctors previously thought. It happens with mild and moderate cases. You can wind up with anything from severe chronic fatigue to permanent organ damage.
You can end up disabled.
Read about it here, here, and here.
Time and again, we also talk about the ongoing threat of mutations, of overwhelmed healthcare systems, and breakthrough infections brought on by waning immunity.
These freedom nuts never seem to take all this into account when they tell everyone our risk is “minimal.” They compare covid to the flu, or slipping in the shower. They’ve been saying this for two years now. Meanwhile, it continues to reign supreme as the leading cause of death in the U.S. It remains — and always was — a severe threat.
Let’s face it, they don’t care.
They don’t care if we can’t go to work or earn an income. They don’t care if we can’t enjoy our normal lives ever again. It doesn’t matter to them if we wind up with tens of thousands in medical debt, either.
We’re disposable.
If we can’t do our jobs because covid wrecked our minds and bodies, they’ll figure out a way to fire us. They’ll hire someone else. They’ll get on with their lives. They did it to teachers and essential workers all last year. They’ll keep right on doing it. We’re replaceable.
It’s just that simple.
Moderates make excuses for poor reasoning.
The moderates say we should respect anti-vaxxers more. You think I don’t listen to their arguments? I’ve tried.
Here’s what they say:
“I’m not going to read this study. The pro-mask agenda is already being shoved down my throat all the time.”
“This report is biased because it’s in a scientific journal.”
“Masks and vaccines are part of a plan to institute totalitarianism.”
“There’s too much information out there.”
“I’m going to go with my gut.”
“Big pharma just wants money.”
“I’m healthy. I’ll be fine.”

These people get angry when I repeat their views back to them. That’s because all of these “opinions” sound truly stupid when someone else says them without the same conviction. They won’t consider evidence or reasoning, no matter how much syrup you pour on it.
These views don’t deserve respect.
They’re excuses.
Moderates ignore stupid anti-vaxxer behavior.
A lot of people claiming to be “moderates” are now jumping into this debate. Like usual, they’re making things worse. They’re not actually doing any research. They’re arriving with lazy platitudes. Some of them actually accuse us of “spreading hate” and “fake news.”
Accountability isn’t hate.
To entitled assholes, it just feels like it.

They’re excusing anti-masker and anti-vaxxer logic with their own bad faith arguments. They’re blaming mainstream media for spreading their own “fake news,” when they’re actually publishing credible stories. Covidiots really are obsessed with Ivermectin. It really is causing problems. It really is killing people, and right-wing drug providers really are profiting from misinformation. All of this is happening.
And yes, it is stupid.
All of it.
Because of this stupid nonsense, our healthcare system is broken. Nurses have quit by the thousands. The ones who remain are depleted and traumatized, barely hanging on. Good luck getting proper care now.
Moderates blow right past all this.
They don’t say a word about misinformation campaigns by right-wing drug networks. Nor do they talk about the violent aggression displayed at school board meetings across the country.
They tell essential workers to compromise with anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers by simply accepting more risk. That’s their vision of compromise. Let the freedom nuts do what they want.
Appease them. Coddle them. Justify their paranoia. Tell everyone they have a very good reason not to trust healthcare experts. Tell everyone liberals are actually the hateful ones.
With friends like that, who needs enemies?
Liberals aren’t forcing vaccines on everyone.
Look, we get it.
Not absolutely every person needs a vaccine.
That was never the argument.
If you’re one of these hand-wringing moderates, you’re not helping when you describe vaccine mandates as totalitarian abuses of power. You’re providing cover fire for anti-vaxxers, who lock onto this as the reason they won’t get the shot (or even mask up). They use it to gloss over their poor logic.
We’re not forcing vaccines on the entire world. We tried an information campaign. We tried incentives. We tried lotteries.
We tried being nice, and we were threatened with guns.
So here we are, with employer mandates.
Deal with it.
People need consequences, not sympathy.
I’m tired of hearing the word “compromise,” especially from anti-vaxxers and their moderate sympathizers. They don’t mean it.
Here’s what they want:
They want the freedom to refuse vaccines. They want the freedom to burn masks. They want to experiment with miracle drugs. They want first class treatment in hospitals when they get sick with covid, or accidentally poison themselves with pet medicine.
They want schools and businesses wide open.
They want the rest of us to accept more risk so they can say a bunch of Clint Eastwood shit. They want us to smile when they tell us we’re cowards for worrying about a disease that brutalizes a third of its victims, even if they don’t die. They want us to hide our fears and concerns, so they can go out to eat. That’s their version of freedom.
Sympathy is going to backfire with this crowd, big time.”

They need consequences.

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