by T. Blen Parker

To all those humans who did not begin life considering the following list of daily socially accepted norms and routines all children experienced without question, prompted by unquestioned parental guidance, or expected behavior at certain ages. I would like to ask that you simply read this and consider what direction your patriotic or health choices will take you for your future and what your world might look like when you reach age 65.


Receiving infant vaccinations within the first year of birth
Ensuring all infectious disease vaccinations were taken prior to entrance in public school
Learning that when placing your hand on a hot stove burner, you get burned
Lining up for Polio vaccines in school
Learning civil defense duck-and-cover tactics to protect us from Communist invasion
Being skeptical of government reports about an alien crash vs. weather balloon
Receiving influenza vaccines to reduce the severity of the virus
Studying driving laws to obtain a driver’s license
Receiving ID cards to gain entrance to public venues
Learning that speeding tickets, parking tickets, etc. have attached fines or court appearances
Learning to wear seat belts whenever a motor vehicle is in motion
Acknowledging the necessity of shirt-shoes to obtain service in any public retail space
Being drug & alcohol free to gain, maintain, and be an employee on most jobs
Feeling distrustful of an openly corrupt president (Richard Nixon)
Fearing being drafted into military service during:
The Viet Nam conflict
The Gulf War
Fifty years ago, or longer there were large public demonstrations in support of Roe vs. Wade, allowing abused/raped women to abort the rapist’s child, and allowed women a choice over what happens to their bodies.
Cigarette warnings were printed on the packages to deter being addicted to nicotine
Highway patrol’s targeting cell phone usage when driving, when caught receiving a fine
Joining in as a world citizen to mitigate a raging worldwide virus pandemic
By wearing cloth or paper masks whenever near other people, inside or outside
By reporting to a health professional to receive vaccinations for COVID-19 virus
By reducing contact with unvaccinated people due to the chance of being a carrier to those who are immuno-compromised
Being distrustful of a corrupt president (Donald Trump) who initiated the deepest divisions within America ever known, and who encouraged an angry mob of white supremacists (seditionists) to seek and publicly hang the Vice President of the United States if he would not perform the illegal act of overturning a clean presidential election, and who beat police officers with American flags after spraying them in the face with bear spray. NOT TOURISTS!

The result of resisting the effort to mitigate the raging Delta variant of COVID-19 seems to be over 600,000 deaths worldwide. New variants needing a different type of vaccine will crop up where the population has not been vaccinated while more people will die. Nurses and doctors will die. Hospitals throughout America are at or beyond full capacity, some have had to tell ambulance drivers not to bring patients inside. Some have piled body bags into (sometimes) refrigerated trailer trucks. Babies have died due to no available pediatric beds, or some have no health professionals to care for their patients anymore after they contracted COVID from unvaccinated patients!

How can you know these FACTS and not be affected, not want to participate in getting this raging virus under control or hopefully eradicating it completely?

Has your entitled life taken you to such an angry, violent place that you do not have the inclination, time or enough friends that agree with you on social media to even read about this serious situation?

I am pleading with every intelligent person on this planet to consider the concepts I leave above and know it is nearly beyond “in time” to do anything before it is you or someone in your small world who gets piled into a body bag after waiting in an ambulance outside the hospital to die.

Do you care so little about that person you have not met yet? How about your mother, father, grandparents, nieces, nephews or neighbor and their family? What about the staff at your favorite restaurant, garage, pharmacy, bank, even at your doctor’s office? You may be a carrier, totally healthy, not concerned, unaware. Do you realize what your world will look like after all this resistance to mitigating a lethal virus has run rampant over the earth? Do you expect all your friends and family to be there with you?

Please SERIOUSLY consider these concepts just for five minutes, it might change your life.

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