My question today to the citizens of AMERICA is this:

If laws were instituted that allowed for neighbors to turn in husbands who visited neighbor’s wives, houses of prostitution or strip clubs, would those very same testosterone filled men choose to prohibit WOMEN from seeking health care or abortions from being raped by them OR by their fathers, uncles, neighbors, etc.?

Is it OK for private bounty police to turn in UBER drivers, aunties, or grandmothers for assisting their female relatives? SHAME ON THE SUPREME COURT JUSTICES (ESPECIALLY the WOMEN) who voted to enact this and overturn ROE vs WADE. I wonder if any of THEIR female relatives have a secret they have not shared yet?

Exactly WHO will raise these children? I am sincerely asking……..

FACT: In Maine there have been several child DEATHS by parents who no longer wanted the children they allowed to be born! What about them?

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