EDNA is not all she appears to be by choice. For many years, she has worked on the sometimes painful detail of pulling off an entirely new image of herself for many years. Her history does not deter her in the least from creating her air of aristocracy.


Edna is not, in fact, Edna at all, the birth name listed on the birth certificate was Edwin, and the sex of this baby was listed as male. Edna emerged long before society had begun to accept transgender individuals. Since childhood, Ed’s dream has been to become an actor, wear elegant costumes, and create an illusion of the person he wanted to be in his heart. Ed had always wanted to be the person he saw himself as inside. He dreamed of being a singing artist with flair equal to that of female singing artist Cher. She had made appearances on stage wearing elegant dresses and costumes handmade with the most delicate details and “wow” factor. Wild horses could not pull this secret from anyone who knows his truth, and they are a select few individuals.

Edna has fun with life, feels much better about herself now since making her decision to publicly become Edna. She is a spontaneous and charitable person who loves to entertain the rich and famous at her private, peaceful, elegant Victorian seaside home. She goes to great lengths to create extravagant gourmet dinner parties, laboring over each detail to present an atmosphere of perfection to the delight of all her esteemed guests. The audience applauds and stands in adoration with each dramatic entrance she makes, and she does love to be dramatic! Cooing and remarking about the latest elegant dress she ordered custom made, the audience is mesmerized. Edna’s invitations are strictly by word of mouth and are delivered only two days before the event. Her parties are the talk of the town for weeks afterward, as mostly more liberal, out-of-town people make up the guest list.

Edwin now prefers to be identified as Edna, she/her and simply wants to be remembered as a unique and sophisticated kind of gal who loves to entertain in a lavish style.

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