What works for you may be different from what has worked for other writers…

by Kiran Yasmin

The Internet is full of tips and advice on how to write viral stories, how to gain enough followers, and how to get plenty of reads or views. Only a few of these tips and tricks are worth the time of a writer.

It is important for every writer to produce high-quality and unique content.

Every story you write should be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes and must provide the reader with something good and interesting to learn from. I know that not everyone can write content daily, as we all have our own lifestyles or routines. However, when you decide to write a post, you don’t need to devote a lot of time. Thirty to forty minutes are enough to write a story of 800 words.

Here is a quick and effective guide for every aspiring writer.

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Step#1: Think What You Are Going To Write
Time Required: 5 Minutes
The Goal: 200 Words

Before you start writing, you need to spend five minutes thinking about the topic. You may check the most trending posts to have an idea of what to write today. Or else, you can select your own subject or topic and collect information on it right away. Writers should get their head clear and ask themselves the following questions:

What I am trying to argue?

How am I educating my target audience?

What type of problem I will solve?

What actions do I want my readers to take?

Please bear in mind that your article topic should be engaging and informative. It should not be something that wastes the time of readers.

Step#2: Organize Your Thoughts And Information
Time Required: 5 minutes
The Goal: 100 Words

Once you have chosen the topic and have collected the relevant information, the next step is to organize your ideas and thoughts. It won’t take you enough time if you have already written several articles. You may create an outline, which I think is the best way to organize one’s thoughts.

Writers who have multiple pieces of advice or tips on their topics can format their content into “tip” articles, such as 10 Tips To Writing Viral Stories and 5 Ways To Boost Your Performance. Once you are done, you will be ready to move to the next step.

Step#3: Write Fast And Furious
Time Required: 15 Minutes
The Goal: 300 Words

It is going to be the most difficult step, especially for those who have not written much content. However, there is nothing to worry about. You just need some practice and hard work to be able to write 300 words in ten to fifteen minutes. Here are some quick tips for my fellow writers.

Write 100 words in five minutes by following the outline you have made.

Fill each part with something that comes to your mind in terms of information.

Don’t forget to use the information you have collected from different offline and online resources.

It is all about getting the words on the page as quickly as possible. There is no need to worry about grammar and spelling because your focus should be on writing the required number of words. If you pause to consider what you have said, you may lose the momentum and the writing process will be slowed down.

Step#4: Clean It Up
Time Required: 10 Minutes
The Goal: 200 Words

This is the step in which you have to edit and proofread the work. You may write another 200 words as a conclusion if you think that the length of the article is not enough. There are plenty of tools for writers to check grammar and spelling, Grammarly being one of them.

I think that there is no alternative to manual editing and proofreading. Besides writing another 200 words (optional), you should edit and proofread the whole content and make sure it is understandable and readable from a reader’s viewpoint. I suggest you spend a couple of seconds elaborating on your ideas and cleaning up anything that is not clear to you.

Step#5: Write The Headline
Time Required: 5 Minutes
The Goal: 5–15 Words

The headline or title of the most is what will attract the audience. It needs to be eye-catching and informative. You don’t need to spend hours writing a good headline. In fact, you need five minutes to brainstorm a good title.

I recommend writers writing multiple titles or headlines and choosing one of them. You may revise the title to make it look good but the length should not be more than ten words. Attend peer review groups or seek the help of a fellow writer if you are confused about writing a great title.

Last but not least, you should naturally use the main keyword in the title and sub-title.

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