Advices From George R.R. Martin

Anyways, here are his 10 “rules for success”:

  1. Aim high;
  2. Want it bad enough;
  3. Love what you do;
  4. Keep things interesting;
  5. Express your beliefs;
  6. Follow your gut;
  7. Be a good storyteller;
  8. Do your research;
  9. Engage emotionally;
  10. Do the unexpected.

Writing about...Writing

This magnificent guy is my next favorite writer (after Neil Gaiman, of course).

I always look up to these guys because they do their “job”, but they never seem to do it for money. They do it because they need to. And that’s one of the characteristics of a real writer, don’t you think?

Also, I love his voice. It’s like a Gandalf smoking 10 pipes at once.

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