Old Year Resolution (Part 2)

GATHER your positive memories of present and longtime friends and breathe a peaceful smile today.

I’m just curious to find out about you and your experiences. As for me, this is my answer to the below question:

I’ve learned that some people are your friends just because they get something out of you (e.g. attention, meals, help) and that if you ever need their help, they disappear from the face of the Earth. I’ve learned this from one of my closest friends and several not-so-close friends;

I’ve learned that we can always learn something new (e.g. how to set up a better blog, how to share without expecting anything in return. I’m continuously learning this from you every single day;

I’ve learned that working from home is not as easy as I thought. I’ve learned this from my employer because of Covid.

Which are the best 3 things you’ve learned in 2020

and where did you learn those from?

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