Where Can A Writer Find Readers (Part 2)?

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DECEMBER 12, 2020 by LORENE M.


There is one awesome resource I haven’t mentioned in the first part of Where Can A Writer Find Readers, so I’m writing this to cover it as well. In this writing “business”, we need all the support we can get because it’s tough.

As you probably know, I find it really important to have readers, one of the most important reason being that writers need to have outside motivations as well. Some writers cannot keep up a high pace without the joy readers bring. One simple Like to a post can make the heart jump (I know mine does).

This awesome resource I’m talking about is WordPress. I know it’s not surprising, but focusing on WordPress alone can bring you so many benefits. Actually, I got my 1000+ followers without sharing my work nowhere else than WordPress.

Below are the ways you can use this platform to get in touch with the awesome people on this platform.

By doing guest posts
Every blog has its own particular readers, right? Well, you can appear in front of those readers as well if you get in touch with that blogger and you ask him/her to let you do a guest post where you could include your links to your own website.

This way, you get in front of a different audience, the owner of that website gets free content, and your SEO increases because you get external links (however, you need to link specific posts in your guest post, not the general website address for your SEO to increase). It’s a win-win situation.

By interacting with other bloggers
When I wrote about how often you should post, I mentioned a little bit about how WordPress Reader works. When you start and have little to zero followers, WordPress Reader is a great way to find other bloggers. You don’t have to sit around and wait for your readers to come. You must take initiative and find and interact with the blogs you find interesting.

Read and give feedback. That’s how you will get noticed by people. And when they come to your website, interact with them even more.

By participating to nomination awards
I’m sure you probably noticed those posts in which a blogger is asked some questions and then that blogger needs to nominate other bloggers as well to answer some questions.

Actually, it seems that those posts are really interesting for readers as they get to find out personal things about their favorite bloggers, and also, the more you participate, the more you will connect with other bloggers and their audiences. Oh, and the SEO part applies here as well (e.g. having external links).

By using blogroll
If you don’t know what a blogroll is, it’s a list of links that appears in your sidebar. If you have some bloggers you really love, you will add their links there. And maybe they will do the same with your link if they are enjoying your content.

WordPress removed “blogroll” as a widget, but you have the widget Links, which is the same thing.

WordPress is a pretty interesting platform and it has many features that help you gather more and more readers. Of course, it takes time, but all great things in life require time, don’t you think?

Which ones of these ways have you used so far and how did it work for you?

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