Fall sunshine bleaches

purple fountain grass to golden

as the first heavy glistening flakes

begin to cover with layers of snow

creating a silky smooth icing,

like ganache frosting

on a wedding cake,

sealing raised organic beds

gone dormant.

Delighted to have the

long-coveted purple fountain grass

planted on a sweaty fall day,

today’s surprise reveals tall

golden mounds covered with snow

like a row of hobbit huts built along

the very edge of the lawn,

providing refuge for hungry birds

seeking safety and shelter

in the quickly passing snow squall.

Crisp, rusty oak leaves

filter down from the highest treetops

resting askew, atop the frosty white covering

until warm sunshine bakes them down,

just below the flat surface of

yesterday’s snowfall where

a blustery wind blows them away,

leaving only an imprint of fall.

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