Responding to a cool drizzle,

a sage quintet of pale, slender,

proud birches stand arrow-straight,

exposing raw under-layers

of younger, virgin skin.

Silky fog rises

from a blanket of downy flakes

fallen deep at their feet.

Temperatures plummet,

creating a satiny sheen,

the sparkly illumination

of five sisterlings,

like the spotlight focused

on debutantes

at their coming-out party.

Will they go unnoticed?

Who will hesitate in passing

for just this moment,

exploring endless possibilities,

breathing slowly, observing,

evolving, appreciating the mystery

of these regal ladies?

Spring produces fresh green leaves

the ladies will wear as stylish hats,

until the fall, when green turns to

yellow and ombre,

like the fur and bright feathers

adorning bystanders

who walk wooded paths

through the forest.

The artist senses

the perfect time to reveal

his heart on canvas, typically

when it becomes so palpable

he can no longer harbor or

contain it within.

The author is unable

to resist passionately describing

the priceless art, sharing with

even those without sight,

or those incapable of perceiving

what she sees with her heart.

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